Tangelo: This Gourmet Ice-Cream Brand Has a Flavour For Everyone, Including Your Dog!

Sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, dog-friendly, and au naturel- Tangelo’s unique range of ice-creams is a sweet fix like no other. We discover over an indulgent evening with Founder Pawan Malhotra.
It’s kind of whimsical, the story of Tangelo. Almost 20 years ago, a middle-aged man decided to turn his childhood love affair with ice-creams into a passion project. On his travels around the world, ice-cream would top his list of priorities. From the best of Italy’s gelatos to the kulfis in Lahore, Pakistan-his life is made up of utterly sweet memories.

Cut to 2019, Malhotra is a happy 71-year-old with five outlets of his own ice-cream brand- Tangelo-in Delhi/NCR. One hot summer evening, I landed up at the one in Gurugram’s One Horizon Centre to find what the fuss is all about.
The ice-creams at Tangelo are not made on a large-scale in an industrial manner. Instead, Malhotra, along with his beloved wife Bina and three helpers at home, makes a fresh batch almost every night, thus eliminating the need of preservatives. Each of the 140 flavours available at Tangelo is made up of natural ingredients that he sources exclusively from around the world. “We get kilos of mangoes every summer from Ratnagiri, enough to serve you a scoop of fresh alphonso ice-cream throughout the year,” he told me.

On that note, I began with a serving of the alphonso. In just one bite, I could declare it as the best mango ice-cream I ever had. The sugar-free vanilla tasted amazing, too. Before I realised, the hot summer evening had turned into an ice-cream heaven. From the tanginess of the jamun sorbet to the crunch of the coffee walnut, the chunky mixed-berries flavour and the sinful dark chocolate, each turned out to be better than the other. But there’s one that has particularly made me a regular at Tangelo-the filter coffee ice-cream. Also, I can’t wait to try their ice-cream cakes, which are exclusively made to order.

Cost for two-INR 250
Address-One Horizon Centre, Gurugram
Timings-11 AM to 10 PM


Our Ice creams are pure and lovingly handcrafted. Great taste come from always using the finest ingredients that are wholesome without any artificial additives.