Our Story

It began with Pawan Malhotra who loves ice cream and made it a consuming passion. He pursued his passion across continents as he globe-trotted in his professional life. Ice cream always consumed him even if he was in freezing Moscow, Copenhagen, London or Rome.

Cut to Oman, when one fine day, the department stores there just stopped stocking his favourite brands Of ice cream. It inspired him to experiment on his own for the first time. And so began the Ice cream man’s journey to make the most delicious home- made ice cream. Meet the eternal romantic, and perhaps the last gelato poet in the world, Pawan Malhotra.

Tangelo is a product of immense passion. It is a handcrafted,artisanal ice cream. Pawan began with making it traditionally in a wooden bucket freezer in 1999. He wanted to make a pure, natural ice cream with no additives with the delicious taste of home style ice cream.

There is something deliciously rich and satisfying about ice cream being churned slowly and having the flavour folded in. One of our signature favourites, Dark Chocolate and Tangerines is made by very slowly folding the Tangerines in while the ice cream churns.

Tangelo’s transformation from all natural to natural and vegan was inspired by a phone call pawan received from a young lady one day. She said her father hadn’t eaten ice cream in nearly twenty years as he was lactose intolerant, so could we please make him a vegan ice cream ?

A life without ice cream is unimaginable to Pawan and he asked Ayesha, his daughter to help him create it. She began working on sourcing the best and most natural ingredients andexperimenting with recipes with a fervour never seen before!

This got Ayesha, who is gluten-intolerant thinking about all the other people who don’t eat ice cream for various reasons. These include food intolerances, diabetes, diet restrictions for weight fitness or a desire not consume animal products. A truly natural ice cream, she felt should not only use pure ingredients without preservatives, synthetic stabilizers, artificial colours, gelatin or any other additives but also not harm animals or our environment.

The great taste of every Tangelo ice cream comes from always using the finest ingredients, carefully sourced. We grow our own Tangerines and Lemons. The strawberries are from farms in Mahabaleshwar and North India, Alphonso mangoes from Ratnagiri, Strawberries from farms in Himachal and chocolate from Belgium.
At Tangelo, we believe, ice cream is for everyone and being vegan and natural is the way ensure no one misses out on the world’s favourite desert for any reason.

Our Difference

What makes Tangelo different is Pawan’s passion for the purest, most natural ingredients and his relentless pursuit for making the best tasting ice cream. He enjoys the process of sourcing ingredients as much as the making of the ice cream.
We try to source the best ingredients at all times. Some of our ice creams are offered only when the fruit is in season. Jamun, Sitaphal and Litchi are offered for a short while. We do our own freezing for most fruit and including Alphonso Mangoes, and Strawberries. We rely on other long-time partners to freeze blueberries, raspberries and passion fruit. Our Ice creams have no additives, gelatin, artificial colours, preservatives, synthetic stabilizers, flavour enhancers.
Our Vegan range is Lactose free and some of our non-dairy ice creams are also sugar free. Our non-dairy ice creams are made with Coconut Milk. If you would like your ice cream made with Almond Milk instead of Coconut Milk, please let us know. We can customize it.
We try to use healthy sugar alternatives or simply the natural sugar in the fruit. Our Sugar Free ice creams are made with natural sweeteners. Some flavours are made with Stevia while others use with Nolen Gur (Palm Sugar). We use a variety of Stevia with no noticeable aftertaste so you can enjoy your favourite flavours as always.


Our Ice creams are pure, natural and lovingly handcrafted. Great taste come from always using the finest ingredients that are wholesome without any artificial additives.