Our Difference

What makes Tangelo different is Pawan’s passion for the purest, most natural ingredients and his relentless pursuit for making the best tasting ice cream. He enjoys the process of sourcing ingredients as much as the making of the ice cream.

We try to source the best ingredients at all times. Some of our ice creams are offered only when the fruit is in season. Jamun, Sitaphal and Litchi are offered for a short while. We do our own freezing for most fruit and including Alphonso Mangoes, and Strawberries. We rely on other long-time partners to freeze blueberries, raspberries and passion fruit. Our Ice creams have no additives, gelatin, artificial colours, preservatives, synthetic stabilizers, flavour enhancers.

Our Vegan range is Lactose free and some of our non-dairy ice creams are also sugar free. Our non-dairy ice creams are made with Coconut Milk. If you would like your ice cream made with Almond Milk instead of Coconut Milk, please let us know. We can customize it.

We try to use healthy sugar alternatives or simply the natural sugar in the fruit. Our Sugar Free ice creams are made with natural sweeteners. Some flavours are made with Stevia while others use with Nolen Gur (Palm Sugar). We use a variety of Stevia with no noticeable aftertaste so you can enjoy your favourite flavours as always.